Mauro Sergio started tattooing in 1999 in Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Since then, he has worked in multiple countries around Europe. Currently, based in Prague’s Unholy Tattoo.

Specialised in Bio-organic / Bio-mechanic and Realistic Dark art / tattoos with emphasis on texture and details. His recent project – Obskure – stands for the collection of works that encompass dark, strange and unworldly.

Please contact by email or private message only.


Each tattoo is specifically designed to meet customer’s preferences and the specific shape of the body part. No copies, original ideas only. A unique design is created for every customer. Most of the tattoos are done free-hand (always in consultation with the customer).

Art prints for sale

Art prints by Mauro Sergio. Printed on high-quality 300g A3 paper. 250czk/€10 + postage. Contact via the form bellow.

Set 2018

Set 2017